Monday, December 3, 2012

In Progress~~


Still in progress... Buku yang dibuat untuk menjadi peneman di negara orang nanti... Insya Allah... Akan di isi semua pengalaman dan semuanya didalam buku ini untuk orang-orang tertentu membaca isi hati disaat diri di sana... 

For me, this book will be the medium to tell how i will manage to survive toward my dreams.
 "The day I realized, not everything that I want would be mine.. On that day I decide to work on it even it is not destined to be owned by me one day. But for me, at least I’m trying on.. It is still going to be something very valuable to me.. As we know, “Experience” is the words for “something precious”."
-me, myself and i-

 When opportunity knocks, answer the door.
 ♥ " No soul knows what has been hidden for them of comfort for eyes as a reward for what they used to do" - Quran 32:17
 " This is my journey. Allah puts me here. It's His plan so I have just to carry on and trust Him. " 
~ "..... Allah is the BEST of planners!" [Ali-Imraan (3):54]


cik laili said...

"Buku yang dibuat untuk menjadi peneman di negara orang nanti.." - nak pergi mana?

elin.shazlin said...

insya Allah kalo tkde pe2 hal menghalang, akan ke negara winter sonata nty...

cik laili said... ke? jaga diri baik2 di tempat orang

elin.shazlin said...

insya Allah... terima kasih kak laili..